On Vacation, take control of your home

Vacation means a time when you can disconnect from everyday life and just enjoy relax moments with yourself and your family. But unluckily, returning from vacation can be an extremely stressful experience if you find the devastation left behind by thieves - broken doors, broken windows, ruined interiors and stolen objects. Almost everyone knows someone who has already gone through this situation.

For burglary victims, usually the worst loss it is not the destruction of objects. The terrible part is the feeling of losing a safe shelter at home and the feeling of gross interference with intimacy. Unfortunately, for many this type of event is a source of anxiety and a start for thinking about protection and prevention.

One of the best tactics recommended by the police is to give the impression that someone is home. Many seek help from their neighbors or relatives who, in their absence, check on the situation at home, turn on lights, open windows, move shutters or make noise, and generally give the impression that someone is home. This kind of solution is effective, but it can also be quite flawed, as it burdens others with responsibility, and also offers little direct control over your home.

The whole home on your smartphone

Thankfully, modern solutions offer tremendous progress in the field of remote property protection and are a great preventer from burglars and relieve your neighbors and relatives. Thanks to the increasing number of modern solutions installed, the number of thefts is decreasing in our country.

In this post, we would like to present some of these solutions. They will turn your home into a "smart one" and allow you to always have it under direct control, even when you are away from home.

For access control, we provide our clients with a premium DoorBird intercom that allows you to directly connect to the Internet and control the entrance to your home through a simple mobile application. With DoorBird, you can monitor who's in front of your door via a high resolution phone, and the motion sensor automatically detects if anyone is moving nearby and immediately notifies you. It also records in the cloud all visits so you can know at any time whether anyone is checking to see if you really are at home.

In addition to the advanced intercom, you can easily incorporate other elements into your home that will detect anyone. At Comfort-el, we also offer Qubino products that allow you to automatically turn on the lights and move the blinds. You can control the lights and blinds through the intuitive application right from the beach without having to worry about ever forgetting them. Both the lights and the blinds you can set daily intervals during which the application will provide the desired operation.

Without major intervention


One good advantage of Qubino products is that they do not require complex work construction, since they operate on the basis of wireless Z-Wave technology. They are easy to install in / on pre-existing installations such as flush-mounted boxes for conventional switches.

Up to 200 smart modules

Vera Edge smart installation router is at the heart of the wireless system that will help you control your home remotely.  It can be connected to up to 200 smart modules, which then can perform the operation of a single item, such as lights or blinds. Let's take a look at a specific example:

Let's say you have 10 lights and 3 blinds in your home. To be able to control all of them, you must first install the VeraEdge router, which must be connected to the Internet using a UTP cable and to the mains via a regular socket. You will also need to download the VeraMobile app to manage your VeraEdge router. Once the router is up and running, you can start plugging in the modules.

To adjust the brightness of 10 lights and control the 3 blinds, you'll need 10 Flush Dimmer modules and 3 Flush Shutter modules. These modules are extremely small, measuring just a few inches; the Flush Dimmer's dimensions are (W x H x D) 41.8 mm x 36.8 mm x 15.4 mm and the Flush Shutter's dimensions are only 41.8 mm x 36.8 mm x 16.9 mm. You can easily plug them into existing wiring under the switches, where they can communicate with each other.

It is worth pointing out here that the Flush Dimmer is used to regulate brightness as well as to turn on and off the lights. In case you only need remote switching on and turn off the lights, you can use only Flush 1 Relay. The Flush Dimmer does not work on all lights, but only on those already commercially available for dimming.

Although Qubin states that the distance between them can be up to 30 m, from personal experience we recommend a distance of up to 15 m if there are any obstacles. The first module can be 15 m away from the router, and the second module can be 15 m away from the first, etc. The data between them travels wirelessly, to the router in the direction of the tenth, ninth ... first module. Therefore, the last module can be more than 100 m away from the router if it has one module every 15 m in between.

Once your devices are connected, start the application and set up your home to your liking and needs. The VeraEdge router can make it easier for you here, as it already has four operating scenarios: "at home", "from home", "night mode", "holidays". One-touch mode automatically triggers various functions in each scenario, such as blinds shuttering, switching off individual devices, etc.

We will be happy to assist you

The modern technologies we offer at Comfort-el allow you to take control of your home easily and safely, even when you're away from home. With smart installations, you can relieve the care of your home in your absence while achieving a more comfortable and economical stay.

If you want your home to be smart too, please contact us:


Email: info@comfort-el.com; Phone: +386 31 615 920

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